L'Association des Amis de Lanza del Vasto

Who are we? People of goodwill who knew Lanza del Vasto or have been marked by his life and message and who are eager to make him know. Our Association is small, has limited resources, but a serious and enthusiastic action.

It works closely linked to the Arche community, founded by Lanza del Vasto, which is a broader movement based on life commitments. However, the Association has a separate existence and a more precise goal: keep the memory of this amazing man alive and transmit it.

Today, the Association has in all about fifty members and active members. For about ten years, several projects have emerged: publications, republications, exhibitions, colloquiums, lectures… Learn more about them on this website.

We are convinced that Lanza del Vasto deserves recognition as a forerunner for a new society, released from fascination of violence and obsession with profit. The ways he opened were prophetic: the time has come to draw inspiration from them.

You want to better know the Association, download a more complete account of its history on this link (PDF - french - 143 ko)


Extracts of the statute of the Association Amis de Lanza del Vasto

The Association Amis de Lanza del Vasto was founded on June 3rd 1970 on the author’s own initiative. It is governed by the law of July 1st 1901.
(art. 1 of the statute)


Its mission is to preserve, highlight and promote Lanza del Vasto’s literary, artistic, philosophical and spiritual work he gave it and which includes :

  • published and unpublished writings: manuscripts, letters, memories, notes, lectures and dialogs transcripts,
  • sculptures, carvings on ivory or wood, pottery and earthenware, binding, engravings, paintings and drawings,
  • songs and choirs, popular songs arrangements with several voices, psalms, sequences or religious hymns, disks or records,
  • theater, mystery plays of Christmas or Easter with choreography,
  • spiritual teaching, training methods to interior life, Luc Dietrich’s work by half and by agreement between the two authors.
    (art. 3)


To accomplish its mission, the Association has especially the responsibility to :

  • enter into contracts with publishers regarding publication, copyright, proofreading, translation of Lanza del Vasto’s work,
  • make any editorial, theatrical, movie, radiophonic, television and computer adaptation of this work,
  • deal with performances, concerts and exhibitions which help to make it known,
  • organize meetings, symposia, sessions, lessons, days of study, training, teaching and exchange,
  • encourage academic studies about Lanza del Vasto’s work,
  • spread his moral and spiritual teaching.
    (art. 2)


The financial means of the Association come from resources provided for by law, particularly :

  • members and active members subscription, whose amount is annually decided by the board of directors,
  • copyrights from Lanza del Vasto’s works, partly from works quoting or using his writings and half from Luc Dietrich’s works,
  • donations, grants or legacies which may be granted due to the nature of its purpose and activities.
    (art. 9-10, 19)


The Association consists of active and support members.

  • Active members are natural or legal persons who, in the interests of the Association, take part in its activities and effectively contribute to their achievement. They form the General Assembly of the Association. The Association “The Ark of Lanza del Vasto – Non-violence and spirituality” is ex officio active member through one or two representatives it designates and who are approved by the board of directors.
  • Support members are natural or legal persons who encourage the Association by payment of a yearly support contribution or a donation. They are kept informed of its activities.
    (art. 6)


The functioning of the Association complies with the rules applicable in such organization, particularly :

  • notice of the annual General Assembly of active and support members in order to approve the financial and activities report,
  • election of the board of directors for a renewable term of three years,
  • election of the Bureau including a president, secretary and treasurer for a renewable term of three years,
  • written record of decisions and guidelines of the Association, which are given to members.
    (art. 11-18)

Board of directors

  • Président : Daniel Vigne
  • Vice-président : Jean-Baptiste Libouban
  • Secretary : Monique Vigne
  • Treasurer : François Ferrand
  • Headquarters : La Borie-Noble - 34650 Roqueredonde
  • Secretariat : chez M. et Mme Vigne - 48, chemin de la Pélude - 31400 Toulouse - 05 61 25 23 74 - contact@lanzadelvasto.fr