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With just a few clicks, donate to the Association Amis de Lanza del Vast and take part actively in safeguarding and promoting Lanza del Vasto’s huge work.

How your donations help?
By donating to the Association Amis de Lanza del Vasto, you allow us to carry our 4 main current projects forward.

  • 1. PUBLISHING new translations, unpublished texts and researches, republishing out-of-print books.
    In 2020: new French edition of La Montée des âmes vivantes, republishing launch of Lanza del Vasto’s books in Mexico.
  • 2. PRESERVING and classifying archives: correspondence, manuscripts, library, artistic works…
    In 2020: continuing the large archiving of Lanza del Vasto’s literary and artistic work.
  • 3. DIGITIZING audiovisual materials and acquiring radio and television recordings preserved by INA.
    In 2020: restoring and uploading Lanza del Vasto’s lectures of years 1960 and 1970.
  • 4. DEVELOPING and expanding the website, destined to be the international reference website about Lanza del Vasto.
    In 2020: launching the English version of the website, and uploading sheet music of songs from the sound library.

These projects have been ongoing, but their continuation requires financial resources we are actively seeking for.
All donors can ask to support a specific project and personally be informed of its progress.

The suggested tip by and for the collection website Helloasso (in the membership form bellow) can be entirely updatable and is optional.
If you want to make a direct transfer, email us at and we will send you our bank details.

Thank you sincerely in advance!

If you prefer, you can also donate by downloading and sending us the membership form with your check by post.