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Show your interest in Lanza del Vasto! There are various ways to do it.

  • Give your account about Lanza del Vasto or everything you receive from him, whether you personally knew him or not. If you agree, your text will then be uploaded on our accounts page.
  • Help concretely the Association by transcribing records or translating texts by the author, spreading information or by any other proposal we will receive with gratitude.
    Feel free to contact us !
  1. Publishing new translations, unpublished texts and researches, republishing out-of-print books.
  2. Preserving and classifying archives: correspondence, manuscripts, library, artistic work.
  3. Digitizing audiovisual materials and acquiring radio and television recordings preserved by INA.
  4. Developing and expanding the website, intended to be the international reference website about Lanza del Vasto.

These projects have been ongoing, but their continuation requires financial resources we are actively seeking for. All donors will personally be informed about the progress of the project they support and the precise use of their donation.

Thank you on behalf of all who care about Lanza del Vasto’s memories and work !

Daniel Vigne, president